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Women Only Self Defence – with Scotlands highest-ranking Women’s Krav Maga Instructor!

Book now for the Women Only Beginners course starting on the 21st of January 2020!

About the Women’s Stay Away Course

We’re delighted to announce Scotland’s first Women Only Self Defence class conducted by a fully qualified Female and Male Krav Maga Instructor! This class is aimed at beginners. Book now and learn potentially life-saving skills with like-minded others!

Krav Maga is an easy to learn self-defence system, extremely modular and designed to be taught to all ages and fitness levels.

About the Women Only Class:

The classes aim to provide both mental and physical self-defence skills women may need in their everyday life by focusing on awareness, preventions, de-escalation and confidence-building techniques. Our courses also provide some specialist skills that have been designed to deal with the unique threats faced by women. Men and women are built differently and our courses teach you to use modified counter attacks to fend off attackers. Attacks against women are often coupled with intimidation, bullying and psychological aggression. In our classes, we not only teach the defence against physical attacks but we also teach how to defend your own personal space and how to be mentally strong and say no. Come along for a potentially life-changing course!

This is a specially designed course that focuses on the most basic elements of physical and mental self-defence that every woman should learn about at least once in their life. This course talks about the effects of social conditioning, awareness of our surroundings and our own attitude, how to recognise and accept if something is wrong, how to control our own and others’ aggression, when to stand up for ourselves and others and how to go about it to reach the solution the most effective way.

This training session will improve fitness, self-confidence, personal safety and will make you a stronger person. Come train with like-minded people! The classes will be full of energy, laughter and are suitable for all ages*. No experience or minimum fitness level required!

*When booking for people under 18, please contact first!

Women Class Testimonials:

“Love it! Staff is very friendly and informative. It is a super laid back environment but also very professional as they teach us potentially life-saving skills. Everyone is very respectful with everyone and the appropriate use of fighting techniques is encouraged. They are also very cautious with us practising so that we do not get hurt throughout whenever possible.” – Ana Costing

“Krav Maga I something everyone should learn. The techniques are simple enough that anyone can learn them but so effective and potentially life-saving in an emergency situation. One of the best things Krav Maga teaches is mental self-defence and how to remove yourself from a situation or defuse it before it escalates and becomes dangerous. It is such basic knowledge that everyone should know to keep themselves and others safe. The instructors are very helpful and welcoming. They always encourage everyone and will help you to get the most out of training.” – Heather Valentine

About Krav Maga:

Krav Maga is a Self-Defense System incorporating a wide combination of techniques – from Western Boxing and Wrestling to Eastern Martial Arts. Krav Maga is not a sport. It is about being aware and able to deal with unwelcome situations – whatever they may be. Our teaching method uses real-life situations to demonstrate a threat, recognizing the problem and reacting with the correct solution. The techniques are based on natural ability so reactions become instinctive. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.