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Welcome to University of Glasgow Krav Maga Society!

About Krav Maga and the Society

The society runs beginners courses every semester. Our mission is to improve the safety of students on and off-campus! Some have just moved to Glasgow or the UK, for some this is the first time leaving the family home and self-defence is a useful skill for everyone!

Krav Maga is one of the world’s most complex self-defence system, taking its inspiration from wrestling, boxing and karate amongst many other sources!

The 4 week beginner courses provided by UoG Krav Maga Society will give you the fundamentals and a basic understanding of Krav Maga that will boost your confidence, improve your fitness, teach you about your personal safety and about society and most of all give you a safe space to share and socialise in with fellow minded people! If you are interested, no matter if beginners courses are not running, send us a message and we’ll invite you to a trial class at one of our Sponsor’s classes!